Body Bliss Wellbeing

148 Williams Road, Prahran East

Directly opposite BMW, close to Hawksburn Train Station and Number 72 Tram. 

T: (03) 9510 8803


We kindly request our students to please park in our Car Park in Irene Place, which opens 10 minutes before class. Alternatively, you may park on Williams Rd (NB. Clearway 4.30pm - 6.30pm). 


Please arrive 10 minutes early to class to ensure timing runs smoothly. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a small towel and your yoga mat. We also provide mats for hire $3. 

We pride ourselves on providing a sanctuary free of modern technology's pollution. Take solace in knowing that this space is EMF free.  For this reason we request you turn your phones off when you arrive, and leave your shoes (along with your worries) outside at our front door. 

Should I eat before class? 

We recommend you practice on an empty stomach. Usually, this means no food for at least three hours before class. 

If you intend on practicing in the evening, a good idea is to have a generous lunch, yet feel comfortable. The Ayurvedic tradition explains that your digestive 'fire' is at its most efficient between 10am and 2pm; by eating during this time frame you may find it is more befneficial not only to your yoga practice but also to your digestion.