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"Excellent Course, Antonio is highly competent and great fun!"
A. Shackel

"Love it! Refreshing! Warm environment!"
K. Costello

"Really enjoyed the course and am coming back for more. Great size classes, lovely environment."
F. Meehan

"I have absolutely loved the meditation classes and recommended it to others. The meditation course content is very well thought  out and presented taking into account the students needs. Gentle, kind and wonderfully challenging. I feel fantastic by the end of it and the next day I am stil buzzing and feeling positive." M. Franich

“Body Bliss has a calm, serene athmosphere with a caring professional approach” Ros J.

“I love the tranquil environment, it is so peaceful you can feel your body relaxing and getting into the flow of movements so easily. Body Bliss is a beautiful, peaceful place” Katie M.

“Body Bliss is a sanctuary of peace where I feel a new  well-being as I learn how to benefit my body and soul with Pilates and Yoga” Nola R.

“I love the relaxing feeling the teachers bring to the classes along with the warm and welcoming athmosphere. Body Bliss is the place I look forward to coming each week” Michelle H.

"What I love most about your classes is how relaxed I feel afterwards – completely stress free! I work in advertising so I am NEVER stress free." Aislinn A.

“Body Bliss has knowledgeable instructors with a very welcoming feel, lovely location & property akin to how yoga should feel.” Karen M.

“Thank you for creating such a sacred space that feels so welcoming and nurturing. It inspires health and wellbeing!”    Sharyn M.

“Body Bliss is light and relaxing, it’s calm without trying too hard. It feels accepting. Thank you!” Kimberly H.

"Your whole body vibrates after a Kundalini Yoga class,it's marvelous"   Virginia D.

"I like that the class has both a grounding and energizing effect.  To embrace the day feeling calm, content & clear is a wonderful thing."  Claire B.

"I've never stuck to anything but I feel empowered both mentally and physically by  the pilates classes and finally feel a life change is happening." Melita C

"I have loved coming to classes this year, and I have loved meeting you. I really look forward to the class every week. I think the way you have fitted out the studio is beautiful and it makes it so relaxing."  Linda H.


I just finished another fantastic term at Body Bliss Wellebing. I have been coming here for a year now and firmly believe it makes a difference for me

After 2 babies, my core needed strength and Pilates mat is really helping with that. Body Bliss Wellbeing has a lovely relaxed environment whilst working hard has been great for my body. 
C. Osborne

I can feel the difference in my mind and body after each session. I look forward to it each week. S. Baker

I loved the feeling of extra lenght in my body after the class. I always leave the class with an overall sense of wellbeing.
T. Gane


A letter from one of our students ::

My name is K. Zindilis,
I have always had an interest in Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality but the interest never fully came into fruition until this year. I was walking along Williams Road and noticed
'Body Bliss Wellbeing'. I enrolled myself into the basic Meditation & Yoga class, not knowing what to expect... my expectations were met and more.
Antonio's classes are always quite small and intimiate, at first I was quite shy and intimidated but the vibe from each class always being so positive and welcoming doesn't leave much room for that and before long I felt like I was part of the furniture.
I secretly had always wanted to do Meditation and Yoga to feel a closer connection to myself and the Divine Source of all things. Whether you believe in a Divine Creator, God or the Universe, in my opinion anyway, there is something beyond our comprehension that is the Master Mind behind all things and yes it's a mystery as to what the souce is. After having read 'Eat, Pray, Love' and reading about Elizabeth Gilberts 'spiritual awakenings', I wanted exactly the same thing and I was determined to achieve it in Antonio's class.
I am a busy person, not just physically, but also mentally, I think alot, I am very analytical, skeptical of spiritual things and quite logical in my thought patterns. I didn't think it was possible for a person like me to ever get that connection, until I did.
I was having a bad day and I knew I had meditation that evening. I entered into the classroom, stressed, mentally exhausted and anxious. Immediately, I felt a sense of calmness sweep over me as I entered the room. When you go into Antonio's yoga room, it feels like you are in a temple, it doesnt appear that way physically, but you could quite easily be in an Ashram in India. As I laid myself down on my mat and the class begun, I felt that sweeping sensation come over me.
The sweeping sensation is like floating, time and space no longer exist and you are just nowhere. As I was doing each yoga movement, I could feel an inch of my 'psychological stress' leaving my body. I am impossible to calm down and nothing works, except this.
During the meditation component, I felt like this incredible surge of light was rushing through me. I could feel some force from the floor travelling up through me. I cannot even describe this feeling, it is probably the most amazing feeling II have ever experienced. It was a feeling of complete oneness with myself and not even as myself, it was my soul. I could feel the feeling running through my body and it felt as though I was floating somewhere far away from here. At times during the meditation class, the feeling was a little overwhelming and  I wanted to come back to earth, which was easy to do too.
When the class ended it felt like I had been washed over by the holiest of holy waters and all of my sins had been absolved. If you are searching for a similar experience   or even a feeling of self-love and inner peace, this is the class for you.
Yours Sincerly,
K. Zindilis

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